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Ulica Akcije Maslenica 1
23000 Zadar
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Ulica Akcije Maslenica 1
23000 Zadar
Cash, Credit Card
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Valid on 10. December 2019

The ideal time to buy a new coat or jacket is until 17.12. by the time Comma shop honors you with a fantastic 20% off all coats and jackets!

Comma - from casual and business casual up to wedding attires at Supernova Zadar

Comma fashion brand collections are a household name for many stylish women who like their appealing, feminine and multifunctional design. If you are looking for elegance and quality, check out Comma store located on the ground floor of the Supernova Zadar shopping centre, close to the main entrance.

Attractively designed tops, blouses, shirts, dresses, jumpsuits, trousers, skirts, jackets and coats will make an ideal addition to your wardrobe, whether you are into casual, evening or business styles or need to dress up for a wedding or other formal occasions.

The store's clothing stock is renewed every month by new collections perfectly matching other clothes on stock so that you can regularly freshen up your wardrobe with the latest fashion items that are easy to match and combine to get a new look all over again.

Every outfit is brightened up with attractive accessories – Comma store features beautiful bags in various styles, scarves, shawls and sophisticated and feminine jewellery. Feel comfortable, confident and feminine on every occasion wearing fantastic Comma collection outfits.

Comma – known for its elegant business and casual clothes

Comma fashion brand offers feminine collections for various occasions. An international brand, led by a fantastic team of designers, aims to provide its long-time customers and all other fashionable women with irresistible clothing items that are comfortable and easy to mix and match to create unique fashion looks.

Comma stores feature many collections, renewed all year round, which are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for those who like to play with fashion and wish their everyday outfits to exude femininity and elegance. Featuring feminine, bold and modern styles, all Comma fashion lines are inspired by the latest trends worn in global fashion capitals.

Pick out the clothes you like to dress in a distinctive style that will make you feel confident and put together on business, festive and formal occasions and stay comfortable and stylish during your daily routine. Following fashion trends, Comma retains its outstanding features in every new collection: a feminine silhouette, gorgeous colours and patterns and sophisticated details.

Feminine, relaxed and unique – this is the style of women attached to Comma fashion brand. Regardless of their age or physique, they can always rely on the brand's large assortment of varied models to find an impeccably styled and perfectly fitting outfit.

Gatsby style and glamor
Let´s be glamorous and sparkly
11. November 2019

Featuring sequins, lace and Swarowski crystal details, the new Comma collection called "Let´s be glamorous" is the perfect combination of Gatsby style and glamor. This season, a sophisticated emerald green comes to the fore to answer the question of what to wear to look elegant.

New trendy collection
Back to the nature
10. October 2019

This season we are returning to the nature with a selection of natural materials such as wool, cotton and leather. Earth colors and inevitable animal patterns also contribute to this. On the other hand, clear lines and patterns herald a new simplicity.

A trend that combines casual and formal wear - a combination of comfort and glamor is a leading feature of the new Comma collections.

In recent years, animal patterns have gained a very special reputation among fashion trends. Thus, in the Comma Casual Identity collection, with the ever-popular snake and leopard pattern, a special place belongs to the zebra pattern. The latter is as fun, so sophisticated, so it's no wonder that this season it adorns different pieces of clothing.

The classic black and white zebra pattern has been replaced or backed by different colors. This pattern combines perfectly with pants, skirt or denim.

For the coming cold days, you have a wide selection of accessories, such as warm, soft scarves of decent animal or karo pattern in harmonious color combinations.

Season Leader
Coat - IT piece of clothing
02. September 2019

A key piece of clothing for the upcoming fall / winter is definitely a coat. And everything is possible! The selection of materials, patterns, colors and cuts has never been greater.

New trends are returning to nature through traditional materials such as wool, leather, faux fur and weft.

The already unavoidable animal patterns contribute to this, and there is the famous and acclaimed classic British karo.

New in store
New collection from comma store
Valid until 01. October 2019

Although the summer season is still IN, the fashion world has already announced the first autumn trends, which will surely meet different styles with a large selection of dresses and fashion accessories.
After a gorgeous and playful summer fashion story, the autumn season brings us back to the simplicity and elegance of the tones and fashion accessories.