Electrical appliances at Supernova Zadar


Various technical appliances can be a great gift, and they are also inevitable need when equipping your household. Choose from world known manufacturers offered by the stores of Supernova Zadar.

Equipment for easy hair styling
Equipment for easy hair styling

Supernova Zadar is the best destination to buy new electrical appliances

Excellent quality, longevity and affordable prices are some of the important criteria when it`s up to choosing electronic devices. There is no dilemma when furnishing a home - only the highest quality appliances will bring you the ideal assistance in your daily activities.

Supernova Zadar stores offer you a wide selection of appliances at fantastic prices. Easily and efficiently equip your household with quality washing machines and dishwashers, cookers, dryers, ovens, built-in appliances and refrigerators. Equip your home with appliances that help you with your daily cooking, cleaning and other tasks.

Technical advices for work, study and leisure time

Top quality home appliances at great prices

Sometimes boring household chores can become a real pleasure - make them easier and more fun with modern aids such as mixers, food processor, coffee makers, microwave ovens and various types of irons. After work, relax with small home spa treatments with personal care and hygiene techniques; epilators, massagers, shaving appliances, electric toothbrushes, hair curlers and irons, brushes and hair dryers.

Equip your home with audio, video and IT equipment - TVs, speakers, consoles, cameras and computer equipment are just a part of the range that makes our everyday life more interesting.

Look for top quality equipment from world known brands

Since we cannot imagine a modern lifestyle without cell phones and cell phone accessories, the assortment of this type of device is especially attractive. The latest models with all the accessories like masks, chargers, speakers, protective cases and covers are waiting for you in a wide range of prices.

Supernova Zadar stores distribute some of the world's most famous names in the production of technology, followed by years of experience, numerous awards and continuous improvement of product quality. Electrolux, Gorenje, Samsung, Whirlpool, Huawei, Panasonic, Sony, LG, Hisense, Remington, Brown, Toshiba, Lenovo, Dell are just some of the brands whose product lines can be found in the center Supernova Zadar.

With many years of warranties and assured device service, your purchase is even safer and more enjoyable. With a great of choices and a variety of payment options, get a functional and comfortable home in the blink of an eye.

Collection of electronic devices

Dive into the world of the most popular games

Apart from the fact that you can get everything for your housekeeping in the Supernova center Zadar, there is also an excellent selection of popular gadgets, smartphones, mobile phones and popular devices for listening to music. It is an indispensable part that brings entertainment and fun - the gaming department in the Elispo store. There you will find a great selection of Gaming Headsets, mice, pads, Sony Playstation consoles, speakers, keyboards and many other accessories for your gaming adventures.